A downloadable game for Windows

A  card stacking game of sorts made for Extra Jam #4.

You can play singleplayer or 2player games.  A stack disappears whenever you happen to draw the same card consecutively. Connected cards of the same type clear the stack.

Playing is simply just left click on the stacks and as they disappear you will be scored. There is no restriction on order just keep it in mind that matching cards to different stacks won't make them disappear they must come from the same stack.

In singleplayer you have a timelimit which decreases everytime you click. So be mindful, when you go below zero the level restarts.

In multiplayer you play with your friend, and whoever gets the highest score wins. You should give control to your friend whenever you hear the fire-effect sound. (This effect can also be found in Ball League)

The game is black and white colorthemed.

Install instructions

Download the version corresponding to your platform and run the executable.


CC-64.zip 24 MB
CC-32.zip 22 MB

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