A downloadable game for Windows

A simple game where you click on your cards to kill the evil slime.

This is a game made for the I can't draw but wanna make a game jam, and is something I made for fun, and to get used to the gameengine all the more. 

The future of this project depends on the feedback it receives.

That being said my question to you: Do you hate evil slimes? If so now you can kill this one. Ce careful though there are 20 cards in the deck that get randomized, and a certain card just halts the randomization so on the off chance you are unlucky the slime may actually kill you as it slowly damages your health. Good Luck.

 Music by(Darren Curtis Music) Royalty Free Horror - The Beginning Years Royalty Free


KTES32.zip 37 MB
KTES64.zip 39 MB

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