A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Myth Fighter Olympus is a basic brawler. Created for Mytholojam.

It is my first attempt at more complex animations.

It features a customizable hair and armor tint. The hexagons on the field give a blessing from a Greek God. They were painted with random greek letters.

Cronus= increases movement speed

Eos= health bonus

Zeus = press 1 to shoot lightning.

Aphrodite= blinding effect

Ares= Crystal Sword

Hades= press 2 for lava floor

In works:

Hephaistos boon

Styx boon

Controls:  Right click= hair color  Left click=tint color.   Q for attack animations

Movement WASD, rotate with the mouse.

Install instructions

Download according to your operating system, extract, run MFighter executable.


Lin64.tar.gz 87 MB
Win64.zip 56 MB

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